Your yard is an extension of your living space. That’s why we offer landscape planning and installation services on our custom homes.

Planning your landscape at the same time as your home ensures that you capture the best sight lines and views from inside your home, that unsightly services out of the way – who wants their air conditioning unit to be beside their BBQ? – and that one space transitions seamlessly into the other.

Our landscape expertise includes plantings, hard surfaces including driveways and stone patios, stone retaining walls and stairs, outdoor wood burning fireplaces and cooking areas, pergolas and arbours, underground pools and hot tubs, roof top decks, fencing, and pool sheds and other accessory buildings.

Ready to Landscape?


The black appliances in this kitchen contrast against the sleek white countertop⁣
The open layout of this home is beautiful⁣
We love the shelving display in this kitchen!⁣
The details our design team look at every day!⁣
These sliding doors can showcase your bathroom when it’s clean and hide the mess when it isn’t!⁣
We love this farmhouse style kitchen! ⁣
A modern take on a traditional brick fireplace⁣
Who says a kitchen can’t be decorated?⁣
The hickory wood beams along the ceiling of this kitchen bring it all together⁣
We love the contrast of this beautiful alder island in an otherwise all white kitchen. ⁣
Cabinetry @redlhome⁣
📸 @dm_imagesphotography
I think anyone could spend hours in here!⁣
@dm_imagesphotography _imagesphotography
So much work goes into making sure every element in a room blends together! We are so lucky to have our amazing design team.⁣

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